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On July 5, 2012 I ordered several computers parts off of (great site if you've never used it) for PC build that I was doing for a small business in my town. The parts came in 4 or 5 days later and I quickly assembled the PC, got Windows 7 Professional and some other software loaded and then dropped it off on the 11th of July. Everything worked flawlessly for 51 days, then my customer called me up stating that his PC wasn't booting up at all. I go out there to take a look at it and I quickly diagnose the motherboard wasn't posting (that little beep that goes off shortly after powering up your pc) I inform him that I think the motherboard had failed and would need to take it back to get it fixed at no cost to him.

After running some tests on it at my house, I did determine that the motherboard had indeed quit working. I called Asus customer service and set up a RMA process. I ship off the board, 3 weeks later I get it back, still not working. I call them again, I ship off the board, 2 weeks later I get it back, and it still isn't working. I call again, this time they inform me that the board needed the latest bios update and that they would send me a new bios chip, 1 week later I get the new chip, install it and VIOLA! Nothing...

I am livid at this point, I call back (by now they are on speed dial on my phone) and they're at a loss. They say that the board has been checking out fine at their facilities, well I have a computer that won't boot up that proves otherwise. They keep giving me the run around, and I don't know what to do. I can't return the board from the site that I purchased it from, and the manufacturer can't get their head out of their butt to help me out. Please keep in mind that I have had this computer sitting here for 2 months now, the owner of it calling me every other day wanting it back (honestly I can't blame him) The profit that I made from the build wasn't enough for me to purchase another board out of my own pocket. I'm about ready to send Asus a bill for all of the time and effort that I have wasted in trying to get them to fix their faulty product.

If anyone has any advise for me I would greatly appreciate it. Hey, you might even save me from a felony cause I'm about to burn their office to the ground....

Review about: Asus M5A97 Evo.



I sent a board in on July 18th.After 4 boards, I have a somewhat working one now as of October 3rd.

Still having some issues. I had to make a complaint with the BBB. About 3 weeks after the complaint was filed, and 2 responses, I got a working board. %$&* ASUS.

Try Gigabyte next time.And yes, newegg rocks.

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The why does new egg ship damaged good every single day?

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